Of course you can email your files!  You can email them to any of the email addresses listed on our contact page.  The most common contact email is copy@ramprint.com, which goes to the production staff at the front desk.

  • We can really accept any size email, but unless you have a monstrous internet connection on a premier domain, you probably can't send huge files.  If you're dealing with something large, try the uploader on this website.
  • PDFs are best, just be sure to embed the fonts and include the images.
  • Any file format is fine, just be sure to embed the fonts and include the images.
  • Please name your file something we'll recognize.  "Resume.doc" is not as easy to distinguish from the hundreds of other files we receive as "ColinJensenResume.doc"  Again, all things being equal, PDFs are better than DOC files (for printing, employers often want doc files.)
  • You will generally want to zip your files.  You don't have to, but it's easy.  On windows that means taking your whole folder of files (even if there's only one file), right clicking, choosing Send To, and then Compressed Folder.  That will leave you a compressed file which looks just like the file you're working with, but is much smaller and ends in .ZIP.  This contains your file and will transmit more quickly than its uncompressed counterpart.

If you're emailing a lot of files, or large files, try the FTP option as described in the other article.


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