I just took a picture on my camera. How big can I blow it up?

At Ram we can blow up your file to any size. In-house and within 24 hours we can put your photos on canvas, vinyl, photo paper, or just plain blueprint paper; and at sizes up to 44" wide by 100 feet high. All of our machines will output a resolution far higher than your camera will support. That being said, if your audience will be viewing your photo up close (within a few feet), you will want your resolution to stay above 200 dots per inch. (200 dpi is considered "photo quality.")

We've constructed a little chart below that shows the resolution of your photo as you blow it up. You can read it by finding the resolution of your camera across the top, and cross-referencing it with the size of your photo down the left. For example, if you have a 5 megapixel camera, and you want your photo enlarged to 10"x12", you will end up with 205 dots per inch resolution. Conversely, if you just want to see how big your photo can get and still look good, just look down the 5 MP column until the green shading ends (at the 200 dpi level.) Follow it to the left and you'll see a 10"x12" is the largest photo you can get at photo quality. The yellow shading indicates areas that may be getting blurry up close, but depending on your needs may be acceptable to you. Just come in and we'll show you examples of the various resolutions.

Again, we can print up to 2400 dpi on any medium, so don't worry about whether we can handle it.  Just get us the best file you can and we'll work magic!

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