InDesign is a powerful program; perhaps too powerful for most of its users.  Most files we get in InDesign format are almost unreadable because of advanced features used incorrectly, leaving empty boxes, unattached or improperly attached fonts, etc.  We can't quite call it InDesign new to market" anymore, but it is a program that is only now gaining popularity with designers, and only so because it comes bundled with the ubiquitous and necessary Photoshop and Illustrator packages.  We use both InDesign and Quark (as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Gimp, and everything else down to Microsoft Word.) 

As always, if you are submitting a file from any program, please include a PDF.  We will normally print straight from the PDF.  Nevertheless, it is always wise to include the original files in case any changes need to be made.  "Changes" doesn't mean we will mess with your file.  But we may need to adjust the size of the bleed, remove the crop marks or bounding box, or convert the process colors you included into the Pantone colors you demanded.  If you had a designer create the file, it will always be quicker and of much more value to have us adjust it than to send it back to your freelance designer.

With InDesign, you will need to prepare your file for printing.  This will include all the ancillary files, fonts, images, etc. in one package for us.  There's no point submitting a file to us if it doesn't include any fonts or images!  Even if it looks fine on your screen!  Anyway, if you're using InDesign, here is how to prepare your file:

  1. From the FILE menu, choose PACKAGE. 
  2. Click OK (or fill in the instructions, but print them out as well.)
  3. Check "Copy Fonts (roman only)"
  4. Check "Copy Linked Graphics"
  5. Check "Update Graphic Links in Package"
  6. Optional:  "Use Document Hyphenation Exceptions Only"
  7. Optional: "Include Fonts and Links From Hidden Layers"
  8. Optional: "View Report"

Save it to your Desktop.  You may want to create a new folder to put everything in.  Then, if you're going to email or FTP it, throw the PDF in there and zip that folder and send it to us.  Otherwise, throw the folder and the PDF onto your thumbdrive or CD, and get it to Ram.  Now your part is over and you can trust your job will be perfect within a few days.


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