First off, if you have Quark XPress, you may not need this page.  You know that outputting to PDF is the most important thing in the world, second only to Collecting for Output to accompany your PDF in case anything ends up askew on preflight.  Here's How:

  1. FILE
  3. Don't check "Report Only"
  4. Check everything else.  "Layout," "Linked Pictures," "Embedded Pictures," "Screen Fonts," "Printer Fonts." 
  5. "Color Profiles" is optional.

If you're emailing or FTPing, put your "press quality" PDF in the resultant folder, zip it or stuff it, then send it to us.  If you're bringing it in on a thumbdrive or CD, same thing, you just don't have to zip it if you don't want to.  Just give us the resultant file and folder, and a PDF, and you're gold. 

PS  Be sure to give your file a specific name, not just "business cards."  Just think of how many resumes you get whenever you list a job which have the filename "resume.doc."

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