My company is a school.  Do you do printing for schools?  
My kid's about to graduate from (Kindergarten/Junior High/High/College/Master's/Doctorate) school.  Can I get my graduation announcements from you instead of the guy the school "makes" us go through?

Short answer: Yes, yes, and yes.

Long answer: Ram does printing for a great percentage of the schools in the area.  We do banners, 3-part forms, motivational charts for your wall, etc. for many of the cities and schools in Marin, Napa, and Sonoma.  That being said, we are actually the 4th largest distributor of caps & gowns, class rings, graduation announcements, diplomas, and other such "senior recognition products" in the North Bay.  So "the guy the school makes you go through" just might be us.  (If it's really nice and not too expensive, it's us.  If not, it's one of the others.  That's not a joke--it's truly that cut-and-dry.)

If you work at a school, and have been a loyal customer of Ram, trust us with your recognition products.  Whether a Kindergarten or a University, we're in your league and can get you the best products made for less than you're currently paying that salesy-salesman.

If you have a son or daughter in school, we can make or get all kinds of recognition products to make him proud of his world.  You can expect the same perfect quality from our class rings and graduation announcements that you do from our printing; and you can expect an understanding of the market and a behind-the-scenes economy of scale to allow us to be considerably cheaper than the much lower quality product you can get elsewhere. 



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